Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Day at Tuscawilla Prairie

Charles Dickinson Hard at Work

Mary Jane Volkmann With a Lovely Painting in Progress

Linda Blondheim Enjoys the Prairie View

Steve Andrews, Mary JaneVolkmann and Charles Dickinson Take a Break

We had a nice adventure on Tuscawilla Prairie today thanks to the Alachua Conservation Trust who graciously provides us with the Prairie Creek Lodge and the Tuscawilla Cabin, both with spectacular views. We are making an effort to get out on Tuesdays when time permits. Scott Hiestand is out of state traveling for awhile, so cannot join us regularly but keeps up with the goings on, checking in and posting his paintings to the blog.  Mary Jane and I took a tour around the praire in the car early in the morning through narrow paths which have been mowed. That was a wonderful treat.


  1. What a gorgeous area! I live in Ponte Vedra and really have to get out more to see the local spots where you all paint.. I am missing out! Hugs and you all look wonderful :)