Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How do you paint a prairie?

The project is winding down.  Here's a link to the big event that will give you an opportunity to answer the question in the above title.  How do you paint a prairie?  Just give the assignment to a group of artists, and part of the fun is coming out and looking at how each choose to interpret what is generally considered a flat, boring piece of ground.  So come out this next Saturday, February 25th.  The address and directions are in the link.  All of the paintings from the project will be hanging for you to see.  All of the paintings are also for sale and each sale will benefit the Alachua Conservation Trust.  Also, all of the artist will be there and will be painting  during the day.

The painting above is from Hopkins Prairie in the Ocala National Forest.  I'm aiming at the hot dry grasses against the cool pine forest in the background.  A worm's eye view. (Do worm's have eyes?  I wonder why they don't call it a snake's eye view?  Hmmm?  Those snakes always get a bad rap.)  Anyway, I love to meet you and talk with you about the fun and adventure of painting these prairies.
Hope to see you there.

Thanks for looking.

Steve Andrews

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