Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Does anyone know anyone who would help us with prairie access?

Yesterday we went on a prairie exploration to try and find places from which we could paint or at least photograph some of the prairies closest to us: Tuscawilla, Ledwith and Kanapaha.  Armed with Google Earth on a cell phone navigator, we went down every road we could find.  I had a step ladder in the back of the car so we would be able to see over vegetation if need be.  We found some wonderful views of Tuscawilla Prairie, but what we were not counting on was the vast extent of private property, private roads with locked gates, fencing and tall vegetation blocking so many potential viewpoints of the prairies. Our appreciation of the work that is being done by conservation organizations and the park service to preserve our natural places and allow the public a chance to explore and be part of them was most certainly reinforced, and we came away with an even greater longing to discover and paint the fascination of these places hidden!  We made a delightful new friend during our explorations.  She found us while we were peeking over fences and was able to thrill us with stories of the bird life, vistas and stars at night at a prairie near her home.  So now we ask you: do you know anyone who might help us with prairie access?  We are artists.  We don't want to intrude.  We simply want to capture on canvas the amazing world in which we live.  We will so appreciate any help you can give us.  Thank you in advance!

Mary Jane Volkmann and Linda Blondheim

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