Friday, January 13, 2012

The Difference a Season Makes

11 x 14

This is a painting from a visit to Tuscawilla Prairie about a month ago.   Charles, Linda, Mary Jane and I painted on the rim of the prairie on a great day.  In the painting I was focusing on the dried reddish brown foliage against the darker olive green across the prairie and the line of bright light on the far side.  I like the way it came out.  The red in the painting looks redder than in the photos posted below, but I would say that of the two images, the painting is closer to the actual color at the prairie that day.  

The visit to the prairie was amazing in the comparison of the colors over just a few months.  When I visited Tuscawilla during the late summer the green was so high that standing down at the base of the prairie you could barely see across to the other side.   On the return visit all of the green had fallen and turned into a deep brownish red.  The photos below vividly document the difference. We don't really think about leaves changing colors in Florida, but just looking at the photos you can see what a difference a season makes.      

Thanks for looking.

Steve Andrews

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