Monday, September 26, 2011

The Edge

The Edge 18 x 24

Payne’s Prairie is a big space.   At least visually the defining edge at Payne’s Prairie is the tree line.  Though it seems that the tree line keeps advancing, I am sure that the grasses fight and advance in the opposite direction in a less obvious way.  Whether it’s elevation, wetness, soil or something else that makes a difference, those visual areas of conflict over space make interesting paintings.  In the prairie the palms and oaks set their boundaries and send out brothers and sisters to make new colonies on any high ground.  In the background the far edge is a bit of cobalt blue and titanium white with touch of naples yellow and a speck of alizarin crimson fading into the distance.  A war for space in such a peaceful place?

Thanks for looking.

Steve Andrews

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