Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Care About Prairies?

Tuscawilla Prairie

Why Care About Prairies?
  1. The prairie ecosystem, unique to North America, is an important part of our natural heritage
  2. Only 1% of the original prairie land remains -- 99% of prairies are gone
  3. Because so little of their native habitat remains, many prairie plants and animal are very rare, endangered or extinct
  4. There is still lots to learn about the prairie ecosystem and how it is impacted by natural processes
  5. The prairie is home to many kinds of beautiful flowers and hardy grasses; some prairie species may have important uses for science
  6. Millions and millions of bison used to roam the prairie; they are America's largest land mammal
Linda Blondheim

Thanks for following along on the journey with us.

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  1. Too bad we have not been very good stewards of the land...thank you to you all for helping us to appreciate it:)