Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hopkins Prairie (Part Three) Signs

Signs.  Here are some from the visit to Hopkins Prairie.  The first was rather intimidating.  I mean you are supposed to know all the rules and you have just passed a gate with a lock and you are not sure if you are even supposed to be there.  Hmmmm?

 Then the next sign was about bears.   What does bears are active mean?  Are they playing cards?  Socializing with the campers?  

Then a different kind of sign.  When I first saw it after just seeing the bear activity sign I thought it was one of those active bears.  Actually I think it is a deer print where the back hoof has landed on part of the front hoof print.   There is also sign of a turkey hanging around probably also looking for trouble.

Then the fourth.  Here we have a bobcat, a turkey and a homo sapien sporting a Nike.  Either that or one of the active bears is wearing a nike sneaker.  (If you have more expertise in this area let me know if I’m wrong about any of these signs.)

Go visit and see some signs.

Steve Andrews

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